Crawlspace Insulation: Health and Flooding

As human beings, we are extremely visual. When something is right before our eyes, we think about it and deal with it. When we don’t bump into it on a daily basis, we tend to forget it even exists. This is what happens with many homeowners in regards to their hear:Refinance auto loan with bad credit

The word sounds more like something related to an army bunker than to normal life. What makes your crawl space seattle such a significant part of your home? How many homeowners are aware of the fact that their crawlspaces affect the value, health, and environmental safety of their home and family? The goal of Clean Crawls is to make sure you are aware of the benefits of having a properly maintained and insulated crawlspace.

Listed below are several bullet points explaining the importance of a fully functioning crawlspace.

Function of Crawlspaces
Your crawlspace elevates your home, and is designed to keep your foundation away from moisture. It often houses the pipes needed for your plumbing and drainage as well. Although it may not be a pretty or cozy section of the house, it serves a practical purpose, and, in a pinch, can be transformed into a storage area for little-used equipment or items.

How to Tell if Your Crawlspace is Flooded
A flooded crawlspace is a recipe for disaster. Definitely not something you want to deal with over and over. In areas with a high water table, it is necessary to make sure there is no water seeping into the areas beneath your home. Some danger signals may be pretty noticeable, such as electrical surges due to water in the wiring or flooring that starts to sag due to wood rot. However, others are not quite so obtrusive at first, such as condensation on doors or windows, and a musty smell in the air.  Visit: Bluehost wordpress 

Whatever the case may be, any signs of water damage (big or little) are indications that something is not quite right underground.

Dangers of Crawlspace Flooding
For most of us living in Washington, we might be tempted to not take a little water too seriously. After all, this is the land of liquid sunshine. Rain is something we can become immune to, and we can stop being aware of the problems it can cause. Our crawlspace insulation helps to regulate the air temperature of our homes and steady our AC and heating bills. When the insulation becomes damaged, the R-value decreases significantly. This means the value of your home is reduced as well, along with the quality of your heating and cooling abilities. Murky crawlspaces are not only bad for the R-value of your crawlspace insulation, but it raises a huge health and environmental risk as well.

Health and Environmental Risks
crawl space cleaning
A full 40% of the air we breathe traveled into our homes through the crawlspace. If a crawlspace is neglected and forgotten, the air we breathe will be filled with mold spores and dust mites. The average person spends 90% of their time each day inside.

crawl space cleaning

What causes such high rates of pollution? The humidity of your crawlspace is a huge factor which can be protected against with a crawl space vapor barrier . All kinds of bacteria thrive in damp, dank areas. There are roughly 25.6 million microscopic devils floating around in your air, accompanied by a growing supply of mold spores. 90% of people are allergic to dust mites and mold spores – two of the most common household air pollutants.

Children are also greatly affected by the indoor air pollution, since they breathe 50% more oxygen per pound than adults do. Allowing standing water and humidity to thrive in your crawlspaces is simply opening your door to all the sickness caused by indoor air pollution. In addition to the microscopic pests, the lack of proper crawlspace insulation will turn the dark parts of your house into a hangout for rodents, mice, and other small animals.

Develop routine checks on your crawlspace. Check the insulation, make sure there are no leaks in any pipes and install a de-humidifier. It would also be wise to have a specialist from Clean Crawls come out to do an inspection. They will give you advice on what maintenance needs to be done, and specialize in crawlspace waterproofing.

Keeping on top of potential issues and dealing with the least sign of leaking or water buildup will save you a lot of time and hassle in the future. You’ll be able to sleep well with the assurance that the air your breathe is fresh and clean.

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